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Hello There, Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves and Our Story

Here's how we started. Meet the crack team on Vision AI.

Headshot of Dr. Hirotugu Akaike.

We pay homage to the legend - Dr. Hirotugu Akaike

Inspired by Akaike Information Criterion (AIC) and its amazing application in identifying the best-fit model for a selected set of data, we set out to build efficient AI models that provided maximum human impact and made businesses smarter.

Thanks to Dr. Akaike’s vision, the founding team’s love for Vision AI and vast experience in this domain, Akaike.ai was born.

Why Akaike We want to positively impact the quality of life on this planet with Vision AI.

Communities and businesses generate vast volumes of unstructured data in the form of imagery, video, sound, and sensory signals which can offer deep insights in the way people, objects, and nature interact with one another.

Today, unstructured data remains largely unexplored. We believe, mining large unstructured data sets for insights can positively impact the quality of life on this planet.

Interesting? Let’s collaborate.

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Employee Speak Life at Akaike

It’s important to find a company that gives you flexibility, appreciates your talent and work, and helps you achieve your career goals. For me, Akaike is that place and I am proud to be a part of its dynamic, talented, and inclusive team.
Sakshi Chaudhary Lead, People Process
Akaike offers a bouquet of opportunities to learn and grow. From building a product or crafting a solution to rendering it - you remain involved. In addition, you get to participate in resolving AI problems across domains. You can work on multiple technologies and projects that involve deployment, training, and platform management. And while you are at it, be rest assured - you’ll have fun!
Ujjwal Kumar Full Stack Developer, Vision AI
The biggest perk of working in Akaike is the satisfaction of witnessing your work move into production within weeks. Not to mention the freedom in transforming real-world problems into data science challenges, and being able to select tools and technologies to resolve them. If you like solving problems as we do - this is the place for you.
Prabhu Prakash AI Researcher

Meet Our Team

Abhilasha B S - Lead Generation Intern
Abhilasha B. S. Lead Generation Associate
Headshot of Aishwarya Guntoju.
Aishwarya Guntoju Data Scientist
Headshot of Akshay T.
Akshay T. Backend Developer
Ankur Kumar Jaiswal - Associate Data Scientist
Ankur Kumar Jaiswal Associate Data Scientist
Headshot of Archana O.
Archana O. Project Manager
Headshot of Arpit Gupta.
Arpit Gupta Data Scientist
Arsalen Syed - Prompt Engineer
Arsalen Syed Prompt Engineer
Aruna Padmanabha - Senior Lead Generation Specialist
Aruna Padmanabha Senior Lead Generation Specialist
Headshot of Ashwin T.
Ashwin T. Associate Data Scientist
Headshot of Atul Singh.
Atul Singh Data Scientist
Avijit Roy Data Scientist
Headshot of Bharath M.
Bharath M. HR Generalist
Headshot of Bhargav R.
Bhargav R. Research Associate
Chaitanya Kumaria Associate Data Scientist
Headshot of Chethan.
Chethan Associate Data Scientist
Chitra Krishna Bhat - Data Scientist
Chitra Krishna Bhat Data Scientist
Headshot of Dayananda K.
Dayananda K. Associate Data Scientist
Dheeraj Jutury Data Scientist
Dheeraj Jutury Data Scientist
Headshot of Gayatri Deshmukh.
Gayatri Deshmukh Data Scientist
Headshot of Gopika Raj.
Gopika Raj Jr. Content Marketer
Headshot of Kanchan Rani.
Kanchan Rani Data Scientist
Headshot of Karthik M Prakash.
Karthik M. Prakash Sr. Data Scientist
Kavyashree UT HR Manager
Headshot of Keshav Rawat.
Keshav Rawat Data Scientist
Headshot of Ketan Vaidya.
Ketan Vaidya Data Scientist
Headshot of Kunal Vaidya.
Kunal Vaidya Senior Data Scientist
Maharshi Yeluri - Lead - Data Scientist
Maharshi Yeluri Lead Data Scientist
Headshot of Mahesh M.
Mahesh M. Data Scientist
Mala Subramanian - Lead Generation Intern
Mala Subramanian Lead Generation Associate
Nitish Chhabra - Senior Data Scientist
Nitish Chhabra Senior Data Scientist
Nivetha E. HR Associate
Parth Rajauria Data Scientist
Headshot of Prabhu Prakash.
Prabhu Prakash Lead Data Scientist
Praveen Kumar Data Science Intern
Headshot of Pritesh Lunkad.
Pritesh Lunkad Data Scientist
Headshot of Rahul Thota.
Rahul Thota Founder and CEO
Rajat Dave Associate Data Scientist
Rajeshwaran Ramachandran Executive Assistant
Rajsekar Manokaran Presales Head
Headshot of Sakshi.
Sakshi Chaudhary Lead - People Processes
Headshot of Saregasri Balasubrayalu.
Saregasri Balasubrayalu HR Manager
Sarthak Sharma - Associate Data Scientist
Sarthak Sharma Associate Data Scientist
Headshot of Sasidhar.
Sasidhar Associate Data Scientist
Satyam Kumar Product Intern
Headshot of Shankar Kaliaperumal.
Shankar Kaliaperumal Chief Happiness Officer
Shikha Singh - Data Scientist
Shikha Singh Data Scientist
Headshot of Shilpa Ramaswamy.
Shilpa Ramaswamy Sr. Content Writer
Headshot of Shivam Srivastava.
Shivam Srivastava Data Scientist
Shubham Kote- Data Engineer
Shubham Kote Data Engineer
Headshot of Simran Bareja.
Simran Bareja Associate Project Manager
Headshot of Sridevi Aras.
Sridevi Aras HR Recruiter
Srijan Shukla Associate Data Scientist
Tanikonda Ramakrishna - Front-end Developer
Tanikonda Ramakrishna Front-end Developer
Headshot of Ujjwal Kumar.
Ujjwal Kumar Lead Data Scientist
Utcarsh Agrawal - Data Scientist
Utcarsh Agrawal Data Scientist
Vadnere Ameya Bramhanand - Data Scientist
Vadnere Ameya Bramhanand Data Scientist
Headshot of Vaisak S Nair.
Vaisak S. Nair Data Scientist
Headshot of Vishnu Deepak.
Vishnu Deepak Lead Generation Associate
Vishnu Raveendran - Data Scientist
Vishnu Raveendran Data Scientist

Advisory Board

Headshot of Irshad Syed.
Irshad Syed Sponsor - Revenue
Headshot of John Ashok.
John Ashok Sponsor - Marketing
Headshot of Parameswaran E. K.
Parameswaran E. K. Sponsor - Consulting
Headshot of G. Shankaran Nair.
G. Shankaran Nair Sponsor - Strategy
50 Team members & growing
20 Enterprise Clients & growing

Ready to get started?

Akaike helps businesses and communities crack vast volumes of unstructured data using Vision AI to extract actionable insights, thereby improving the way they work, live, learn, and play.

Actionable Insights

Every business needs actionable insights that are contextually relevant to each of its moving parts. We focus on such mission critical nodes to deliver intelligence that help your business make better decisions.

Blogs & Insights

Tailor-Made AI

Cookie-cutter approach to AI solutions can do more damage than you can imagine. We analyze each and every source of data as well as processes prior to AI Model and work-flow designs that fit snuggly to your organization's needs.

Use Cases