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We pay homage to the legend - Dr. Hirotugu Akaike

Inspired by Akaike Information Criterion (AIC) and its amazing application in identifying the best-fit model for a selected set of data, we set out to build efficient AI models that provided maximum human impact and made businesses smarter.

Thanks to Dr. Akaike’s vision, the founding team’s love for Vision AI and vast experience in this domain, Akaike.ai was born.

Why Akaike

We want to positively impact the quality of life on this planet with Vision AI.

Communities and businesses generate vast volumes of unstructured data in the form of imagery, video, sound, and sensory signals which can offer deep insights in the way people, objects, and nature interact with one another.

Today, unstructured data remains largely unexplored. We believe, mining large unstructured data sets for insights can positively impact the quality of life on this planet.

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Meet Our Team

Headshot of Keshav Rawat.
Keshav Rawat

Data Scientist

Headshot of Maharshi Yeluri.
Maharshi Yeluri

Senior Data Scientist

Headshot of Prabhu Prakash.
Prabhu Prakash

Senior Data Scientist

Headshot of Rahul Thota.
Rahul Thota

Founder, CEO

Headshot of Ujjwal Kumar.
Ujjwal Kumar

Senior Data Scientist

Headshot of Kunal Vaidya.
Kunal Vaidya

Data Scientist

Headshot of Tarun Lohchab.
Tarun Lohchab

Data Scientist

Headshot of Pritesh Lunkad.
Pritesh Lunkad

Data Scientist

Headshot of Shankar Kaliaperumal.
Shankar Kaliaperumal

Head - Employee & Customer Delight

Headshot of Shivam Srivastava.
Shivam Srivastava

Data Scientist

Headshot of Mahesh M.
Mahesh M

Data Scientist

Headshot of Aishwarya Guntoju.
Aishwarya Guntoju

Data Scientist

Headshot of Kanchan Rani.
Kanchan Rani

Data Scientist

Headshot of Raj Kumar Yadav.
Raj Kumar Yadav

Head - Presales & Delivery

+50 others and growing

Advisory Board

Headshot of Irshad Syed.
Irshad Syed

Sponsor - Revenue

Headshot of John Ashok.
John Ashok

Sponsor - Marketing

Headshot of Parameswaran E. K.
Parameswaran E. K.

Sponsor - Consulting

Headshot of G. Shankaran Nair.
G. Shankaran Nair

Sponsor - Strategy


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Akaike helps businesses and communities crack vast volumes of unstructured data using Vision AI to extract actionable insights, thereby improving the way they work, live, learn, and play.

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